Ioana started learning English around the age of 5, listening to her father's music tapes and vinyl records. She got her Proficiency in English Certificate from  Cambridge when she was 17.
"Over the past 10 years as a trainer and coach, the most common need I have seen in my trainees is to feel comfortable while communicating in English. That opens up a world of communication possibilities - in group or 1-2-1 contexts, on the phone, before an audience, or in writing."

Ioana has most experience with teaching in set-ups like:


One-to-One Sessions

Theme-based Intensive Workshops

Sessions for Small Groups

Ioana's Favourite Skills to Teach :

Public Speaking






Reading Comprehension


Listening Comprehension & Active Listening 


Film Club

Book Club

Conversation Club


Alex Tilbury, Teacher Trainer & Coursebook Author
"Ioana's lessons were always logically and creatively planned, with clear and appropriate main aims and perceptively-worded aims for individual stages.  She enjoyed an excellent rapport with her learners, managing activities clearly and without fuss, and responding flexibly and effectively to learners' needs and queries while remaining mindful of her overall lesson goals. She showed herself able to contextualize and clarify language using an engaging variety of techniques, to provide structured practice and helpful feedback, and to help learners to develop their receptive and productive skills in a principled manner.
On a personal level, working with Ioana was a pleasant and rewarding experience. She was unfailingly courteous and positive in her approach to her work, and she enjoyed excellent relations with supervisors, peers and learners alike. She was well organised and met all the academic and administrative requirements of the course thoroughly and on time."
Stefie Limere, TEDxOdense Head Organizer
"Ioana has been a fantastic asset to our Speaker team at our TEDxOdense 2018 event. She worked as a speaker manager, taking care of speaker logistics but also rehearsing with them to make the perfect TEDTalk. She did did with a lot of dedication and care which I want to thank you for!! You made sure the speakers had every tool needed to perform their best talk. Thank you for being part of the team!"