Takako Kamada


Takako Kamada got her medical education in Japan, and worked as anaesthesiologist. Upon moving to Denmark, she got trained as an architect.
She has been a Japanese teacher with FEGU since 2006.

"Luckily, I have had so many great students with twinkling eyes to study Japanese, from teenagers who are crazy about cartoons, to pensioners who love Japanese gardens. Sometimes I myself am surprised at how much they know about Japanese culture and care about Japan. 

I asked one of my new students what brought her to my lessons, and her answer was: I longed for something more spiritual in my life, and Japanese culture is just so exciting and exotic!

I find this very interesting because my students come to me, not only for language but also for culture. 
So if you are someone who is fascinated with that culture and wants to know more about it, you might become my future student.

I take into consideration what students want to learn and achieve in their lessons. I help them reach their goal step by step. 

So, do you want to be one step closer to the Rising Sun? 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!"


Takako Kamada FEGU Odense