Jude Pedersen received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Texas at Austin. She then travelled to Japan, where she spent three years teaching English to children, young adults and business people. Jude went on to teach English in Los Angeles, New York and Denmark, where she has been living since 2009. Jude is known for helping students learn English in a safe and fun environment. No matter your level of English and purpose for learning it, she creates individualized lesson plans that are varied and interesting.

Jude Pedersen fik sin bachelorgrad i engelsk litteratur ved Texas Universitet i Austin. Derefter rejste hun til Japan hvor hun underviste i engelsk for børn og unge samt forretningsfolk. Siden har hun undervist i engelsk i Los Angeles, New York og Danmark - hvor hun har boet siden 2009. Jude er kendt for at hjælpe sine elever med at lære engelsk i et sikkert og sjovt miljø. Uanset hvilket niveau dit engelske er på og formålet med at lære det, så laver hun en personlig lektieplan der er både varieret og interessant.



"What I love most about teaching English is helping people become better at communicating in English.      Whether this involves speaking or writing (an academic paper, for example)  , my job is to help you gain confidence in your ability to express yourself and be understood using English. 

It is also important that you understand what others are expressing to you. For that to happen, it takes practice.  

And that is where we  come in. Here, you have a safe space where you can learn and practice until you feel confident. 

I am not so much an English teacher as I am an English coach. 

Like a sport or playing a musical instrument, you need lots of practice to get good.  Having a coach to lead you can help a lot.

I think that practice should be educational but it should also be fun--it has to be fun. And believe me, as you become more fluent in English, you will have more and more fun."