The power of increasing certainty

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The effect that an uncertainty has on people is often overlooked.

Uncertainty in any area of life can cause a person to feel confused, frustrated and anxious about what to do. Lacking a piece of information can even stop a person from acting at all. Let’s say you are going to meet someone and you know what time you are meeting them but you don’t know where. Then it’s difficult to make a plan. When should you leave the house to arrive? How much time will you need? How should you dress? And so on. This unknown fact generates more questions and more uncertainties and can make one feel upset.

The same thing happens in school. When a student doesn’t understand something, they begin to feel confused. This can result in frustration, boredom and even apathy. Those emotions tend to then spread to other subjects and even to life in general. That’s why when you clear up a confusion in one subject, it often results in improvements in other subjects, as well as an overall improvement in attitude.

Parents often comment that when their kids leave FEGU they seem happier and more energetic. This is because they are clearing up confusions and gaining certainty. Instead of hiding their feelings and focusing on the confusion, they are now more confident and active.

Doubt in a subject too often results in self-doubt, which becomes a dwindling spiral. We have found that when you raise learners' certainty about the subject they are studying, you also help raise their certainty about themselves and their ability to do things.

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